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DeFi is here to stay and still in its early stages. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get your own cryptocurrency.

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Token with BNB/BUSD Redistribution
Token with BNB/BUSD Redistribution

Get a BEP20 token with BNB/BUSD Redistribution so you and your holders can earn passive income in the form of BNB/BUSD. This type of token is doing very well in the current market conditions. The more you hold, the more you get rewarded. As the owner, you would have most of the tokens and consequently get most of the rewards, without having to buy any tokens yourself. The BNB/BUSD is collected from the fees on buying and selling your token.

Token with BTC/DOGE/XRP Redistribution
Token with BTC/DOGE/XRP Redistribution

With this token, you and your holders can earn any cryptocurrency just by holding your token. As the owner, you get to decide which coin will be redistributed (to be decided before deployment)

Token with Redistribution, Automatic Liquidity and/or Charity Wallet
Token with Redistribution, Automatic Liquidity and/or Charity Wallet

The future is bright for DeFi, and it is ready to disrupt the financial system

It Is Time To Embrace The Future And DeFi

DeFi has the potential to become an important asset class that will disrupt the traditional financial system. DeFi is an extremely promising concept that is still in its infancy.

As the adoption of DeFi grows, the value of the underlying assets will increase.

Create your own crypto token to solidify your standing in the revolution and add your own value to the ecosystem.


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Once your token is created, you will get a token contract address. Something like - 0xb8...6414 Then go to and paste it in the Search field. Here you can see information about your token, such as Token Name, Symbol, and all transactions.

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Over 40 Tokens Created

We have created tokens for clients from Dubai, London, Sydney, the USA, Germany, France, etc.

$RIGHT, RokkitFuel, $BABE, CHICKEN, $RARI, ZENBTC, Pomeranian and Zaddy are some of the tokens we have created.

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